SXSW 2024 was one for the ages. Our good friends Bad Bad Hats had 5 showcases and didn’t find themselves with much downtime between everything else going on that week. We were lucky enough to adventure with them when they did a takeover on our Instagram account. So, we wanted to wind down from the week with a few quick questions and feelings of admiration and fulfillment for all of the fun.

You ate tacos. You pet dogs. You sampled new La Croix. What was your FAVORITE experience during your iF takeover?

The migas tacos from Veracruz are an all time fave, but my favorite part was definitely hanging with our friends (whose dogs we were petting!) at their lovely Austin home. We’re grateful that music lends us the opportunity to visit friends all around the country.

Was there another experience that exceeded expectations during your trip to SXSW 2024?

We found parking every day! A miracle!

I’ll say! Who was the best artist or act that you discovered this year at SXSW?

We loved checking out Snacktime, so fun. And we enjoyed hearing and meeting Airu from Spain. We gotta get over there to a play show sometime!

What was the best food you ate that week?  

Everything is so tasty at Loro. The brisket on the burger?? The salsa with the wonton chips?? Don’t get me started on the cocktails!!

YUM! You played at least 5 showcases during SXSW. Any highlight moments from your performances? 

We were so pleased with the turnout at all the shows. We know there are lots of bands to see so we’re honored when people come by to check out a set. I had to bust out the kazoo at a few shows and show off my skills. 

What else would you like to share that’s coming down the stretch for Bad Bad Hats?

Our new album is out April 12th! So excited for people to hear it. And we’ll be hitting the road in May to start the first leg of our album release tour. Come see us in a city near you!


See Bad Bad Hats ASAP at one of their tour dates.

Meredith Schneider