Rydell’s “Three Wise Monkeys” is a modern interpretation of the ancient Japanese proverb. The track calls on the listener to open their eyes, ears and mouths to what is happening in society and throughout the world. This is the lead single off of her debut EP, Stained Notes, which is out now. It was also the first track written for the EP with producer Magnus Thomson. This marks  Rydell’s launch into a new chapter of the music industry. 

The cycle of corruption continues through the length of the song, the lyrics hitting close to home for many these days. The Vienna-based artist speaks her mind to remind people to avoid becoming desensitized to these shortcomings we see from those in power. Her raw vocals fight against the instrumental, making for a strong track. The gospel vocals add to Rydell’s to soar above the majestic brass with a snare that beats down on the song. There are just some songs that can truly convey emotions, and this is one of them, it feels like a marching anthem.

This is only an introduction of what is on Stained Notes, so if you like what you’re hearing check it out now!