As he prepares to unleash his fourteenth full-length release upon the world, folk-pop artist Richard X. Heyman brings us introspective new track “Choices We Make” just ahead of the 2020 election. As someone who hasn’t necessarily ever shied away from political commentary, this is one of the most directly political lyric videos we have seen leading up to Tuesday’s big event.

As always, we’re impressed with Heyman’s showmanship, knowing full well he is responsible for most of the instrumentals and writing for the entire track. This time around, he has enlisted his wife (Nancy Leigh) to play bass, Probyn Gregory (the Brian Wilson band) on trumpet and trombone, and Duke Guillaume on sax.

The track itself meanders along comfortably, asking the listener to dig deep for meaning in the choices they have made up to this point, as well as to consider future choices. Though the song does have an obvious political lean, it is something to keep in your back pocket when you have future decisions to think about. It breathes promise into your convictions, and brings a sense of strength to the process.

Check out the new lyric video below, and let us know what you think over on our Facebook page!

Meredith Schneider