Since its inception in 1993, independent record label — Saddle Creek Records — has consistently earned itself a place on the shelf as being home to America’s favorite indie artists. From Bright Eyes, to Spoon and Big Thief; the Nebraska based college-project-turned-business’s roster draws fans from across the globe. Continuing Saddle Creek’s trajectory of success is rock band Ohtis, who just made their appearance on the label’s most recent project: the Document Series.

With roots dating back to 2004, the Ohtis trio is made up of Sam Swimson, Adam Pressley and Nate Hahn. Now presenting their single, “Schatze”, the three are joined by a feature from Saddle Creek’s very own, Stef Chura. The new track and accompanying music video foster a tech-savvy backstory that is irresistible for our current media-plagued generation. The song’s spacey beginning, strong rock anthem and head-bobbing bass line will undoubtedly land the group on top tier, alternative-loving playlists far and wide. Beyond that, Stef Chura provides authenticity– supplying us with realistic responses to someone who, quite simply, is bothering the shit out of you. 

The Document Series serves as an effort, on Saddle Creek’s behalf, to allow bands not already a part of their label family to express their own musical communities, creations and desires. According to Ohtis themselves, “Schatze” lays out a character study of the “Selfish Antisocial Male”, primarily told through the lens of Sam’s longtime girlfriend.

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