Influenced by “dreams, waves and outer space,” the celestial Mai Kino weaves together satin sounds in her single “Dopamine”, the title track on her newly released EP. Praised for her mesmerizing take on electro-pop and her intriguing voice, Kino’s music transcends sound, using her background in dance and multimedia art as well as her synthesia condition to integrate sound, video experimentation and self-directed video work into her own personal multifaceted universe.

“Dopamine” is an ethereal expression of this world, beginning with soft dulcet tones that induce a feeling of floating atop calm waters. Soon enough, however, you find yourself immersed in deeper waters as the music transitions seamlessly to ambient but grounded bass and other electronic sounds. These sounds create an entrancing soundscape, filled with waves of electronic bliss. Kino’s voice floats within this atmosphere, reminding listeners of the lead singer of Metric, Emily Haines, with her bright yet muted vocals. She sounds like an angel as she sings her charming words, suspended above in the ether.

With the mélange of sounds in “Dopamine” one could only imagine the array of colours that Kino would see as she listens. Fortunately the sweet sounds that enchant our ears are more than enough.

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