After the releases of her singles, “Shit Happens” & “All Our Friends Are Splitting Up” Katelyn Tarver just released a music video for her most recent relatable single, “Nicer.” In this split-screen video, the feeling of being emotionally drained from always trying to please everyone, to being happy with who she is now, were portrayed by Tarver perfectly. 

The concept of splitting the screen and having one going in reverse definitely added something special to the music video. The contrast in bright colors on the left side to the sad, blue tones on the right show exactly where she made it known that she is no longer the girl she used to be, and that is perfectly okay! Steering away from being a people pleaser is 100 percent not an easy thing to do, but this video and song are an amazing portrayal. 

I particularly liked the ending shot of her in the car driving carefree and happily on one side to sitting completely drained and unhappy on the other. The two different sides of her that are being seen here show just how happy she is being her and not caring that she has grown from being a people pleaser. This song should inspire others and let them know that it is okay to not want to always be the “Nicer” one in every situation. 

Director: Fiori (@fioricarmen)
DP: Patrick Jones (@patrick_jones)

Be sure you check out Katelyn Tarver’s upcoming album, Subject to Change, on November 12!

Ally Ferrari