We’ve all experienced the confusion that comes with being wrapped up in an unclear state of affairs with that special someone. Amongst other emotions, we often find ourselves asking a never-ending list of questions. Where is this going? What do they mean? What’s my next move, and what is theirs? 

There’s no doubt that life would be simpler if we put an end to the constant mind-garbage that bubbles up from our brain’s most curious corners. Yet, we still can’t seem to help ourselves from spending hours analyzing the most straightforward text message, or deciding between which emoji would qualify as the most appropriate response. 

If this situation hits home for you, I’m happy to present you with a solution that will remind you of how to properly respond: Southern California’s R&B star, Joyce Wrice, and her new single “So So Sick”. Not only will this track bring you back to a positive space focused on self love, but you will simply be too busy enjoying yourself to even think about anyone else.

With commandeering vocals and a self-empowered message, Wrice brings to life sentiments of rejection and pain; along with the necessary attitude to move past such emotions. The singer-songwriter’s sweet-and-cheeky sound is driven home as she conveys the unpleasant cyclicality of someone being unsure of how they feel about you, and having been through this before. As opposed to waiting for someone who’s only half-baked crazy about you, the listener is inspired to prioritize themselves and move on– an important lesson to take in stride as we move into the new year. 

“So So Sick” was co-written alongside Daniel Church and produced by Grammy Award-nominee, D’Mile. The track comes from Wrice’s forthcoming album debut, set to arrive early 2021.

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