Eryn Martin has paired with Brazilian funk aficionado R2 to produce her new boundary breaking track “Namesez.” Martin’s personal brand of asymmetrical alt pop is known for using dusky instrumentals to create music that is poignant, contemplative, and softly menacing. A self-taught singer and songwriter, Martin shows off her capricious vocal style that moves through haunting melodies and smooth textures atop glitchy beats that are infused with elements of hip hop and electronic music. The impulsivity of her music keeps her listeners on their feet, and she certainly brings that energy to her new single as well. 

Straight away the listener is struck by the unique music box/xylophone sounds that gently crash into one another at the beginning of the track. These sounds and the other beats that transpire have that kaleidoscopic nature that Martin’s music is known for, but they also have a great bounce and drive to them. The character that Martin’s voice assumes in this track sounds suave and relaxed, effortlessly gliding on top of the erratic music. The touches of harmony and textures that surround Martin’s voice and the beat do an excellent job of catching and holding the listener’s attention. 
Going forward, Martin is preparing to release new visuals and refining her live show, captivating her audience and inspiring them to stay true to themselves.

You can listen to “Namesez” here, and make sure to keep your eye on this groundbreaking rising artist in the future. 

Katy Mombourquette