Welp, indie (dream) pop duo Eighty Ninety just released such a gorgeous track heading into Valentine’s Day weekend. We apologize for not sharing before the holiday, but there’s only so much time in a day. BUT WOW.

You know those moments when you consider different outcomes to your life? Contemplating your puppy love, celebrating your forever love, reminiscing on old love. Well, “Forever” is one of those moments. “Forever is about reconciling the desire to be with the person you love with the understanding that they don’t feel the same way anymore,” admits the duo. “It’s like a daydream in a song — what if we were in love again?”

Vocals smooth like butter (as always), gorgeous lyrics, and a rhythm that is easy to move to make this song just like a sugary dream. What a beautiful dichotomy and a wonderful song to deep breathe to.

Meredith Schneider