This weekend is the first one where we’ve felt awake and like we’re gaining momentum for the first time this year. Perhaps that’s because we’re lucky enough to host the exclusive premiere of Danger // Chain‘s 5-track Roses In A Glass EP, and it’s been playing on repeat since it landed in our inbox.

Eighties-inspired synth and inspired bass lines almost dance around the dark, eery vocals as we spin into what can only be explained as a Tim Burton-esque existence. Hauntingly beautiful, it’s actually served as the soundtrack we needed to get our asses in gear.

Says Heather:

I don’t think anyone has all the answers for how to make a better world, but certainly we should be able to imagine one through art. As an artist, it’s my job to reflect what’s going on around me. I believe it is the responsibility of artists to speak on matters of a political nature. Roses In A Glass is my interpretation of the world as it is today, told through a retro futuristic lens. We may not be able to escape the current times, but we can still listen to music. I believe very much that music heals.

Let the dark ambiance envelope you this weekend.

Meredith Schneider