London-based singer-songwriter, CLOVES, does not wait to ask for permission in her newest track and accompanying music video, “Sicko”. Every aspect of the artist’s persona demands attention. With vibrant pink hair, disjointed dance movements and an occasionally-pained facial expression; the twenty-four year old makes it hard to look away during the duration of her three-minute-long production. 

In her music video, the Australian-born singer peels back the layers of what it means to be an outsider. We are first introduced to her character via the television: an immediate suggestion to cast judgment onto the girl we see through the screen. We are then brought in for a closer look at the haunting side of isolation and loneliness, and the frailty of it all. Most interesting of all: despite the sadness behind CLOVES’ words, we are led to a chorus that resembles the melody of a lullaby, and there is somehow a sense of acceptance of the singer’s depressed state.

Like a really good horror movie you can’t stop yourself from watching, CLOVES’ “Sicko” touches on the scarier subjects in life– but you can’t help but be obsessed nonetheless.

Sabrina Thurber
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