Ethereal, delicate, light — these are just some of the words that can be used to describe singer-songwriter Charlee Remitz’s new single, “Movie Theatre”. Within the first 20 seconds, the listener is warmly greeted by Remitz’s gently layered vocals and peaceful instrumentation. 

The 21-year-old from Bozeman, Montana makes it all too easy for us to melt into the pleasantness of this track. Swooned by her Maggie Rogers-like-sound, Remitz’s voice embraces us, and makes us feel at home. This sentiment is contrasted, however, by the message behind her lyrics. While providing us with extreme warmth in her sound, Remitz simultaneously discusses much darker topics – mainly, the doomsday that our current world seems to resemble, and wanting to share such tumultuous times with another human being.
“Movie Theatre” comes from Remitz’s forthcoming album, Heaven’s a Scary Place, arriving on December 18. Her most recent album, Garden, was entirely self-written and produced and came to surface earlier this year.

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