thorslund’s new video for “firecracker man” matches the song’s funky and fun flare

thorslund’s new video for “firecracker man” matches the song’s funky and fun flare

The electric guitar starts the song “Firecracker Man” by Thorslund with feelings of anticipation about what sounds, harmonies, and lyrics will be electrified. The pulsing sounds of the drums speed up the tempo with their steady beats and sudden rapid beats in between. 

Our protagonist has kept his energetic and fun spirit hidden but now he is ready to take his dancing shoes out of his pocket. With these, he is a charming man who is confident to show everyone his expressive personality. The dance is a form of expression. The shoes are a metaphor for him taking the dancing steps to express himself to people he meets. Thus, he is no longer waiting to be a firecracker man; a man who charms people with his personality and makes everyone he sees smile. He now is going to be a firecracker man! 

He is tired of pretending to not be the spotlight of the dance floor as in the past, he dominated the dance floor. Once he stopped dancing, he lost his self-confidence to reveal his charming personality. He felt ordinary because he lost his will to dance, which made him feel extraordinary and unique, as implied by the description of his dancing as “funky.” 

He associates wealth with his charming personality. He always imagined that his charming personality and superior dancing skills would make him wealthy. As he continued toward his goals, he kept losing his confidence. But now a surge of energy is careening through him to dance his way to wealth and the recognition he craves from everyone he meets. 

He not only wants to uplift himself, but he also yearns to uplift the people he meets who will be supportive of him. He will teach them to dance so well, that their incredible, funky dance moves will not be an illusion, but a reality!

The video itself is an edgy, fun display of Thorslund’s live performance chops. Check it out below!

set off on a rock-fueled, candy-coated adventure with connor mclaren’s “candy rain” music video

set off on a rock-fueled, candy-coated adventure with connor mclaren’s “candy rain” music video

If you have yet to happen upon the immense talents of Connor McLaren, now is your chance. The Indianapolis-based musician just released his first full-length with the indelible Ben Kweller’s label The Noise Company. Today, we get to peep the music video for the single “Candy Rain.”

A casual, meandering pace opens the track as we delve into the love story that is “Candy Rain.” While his romantic interest is metaphorically compared to this tasty concept, momentum builds and instrumentals are layered. The song becomes more of a quintessential rock ballad than originally expected, with a hint of grunge/surf rock influence in the whirring guitars. McLaren’s voice has the same appeal as your favorite 90’s crooners, giving all of his music what seems to be an unintentional – but completely genuine – layer of added nostalgia.

By the song alone, it is quite obvious that McLaren’s musicianship and professionalism far surpass the expectations normally associated with his ripe age of 21. But diving into the music video is a whole other treat. (See what we did there?)

The artist takes an artful approach to this visual release, with isolated color palettes dancing around his shadow profile in some frames, playing with natural elements like the textures in mother nature and the sun in others. Shots of the curly-haired crooner performing in earnest, surrounded by bubbles. Then covered in paint. Then avoiding a literal candy downpour under an umbrella.

The video is a kaleidoscope dream you won’t soon forget.

August 17 – New York, NY – The Footlight
August 26 – Normal, IL – House Show
August 31 – Bloomington, IN – The Atrium
September 2 – Cleveland, OH – Mahall’s Apartment
September 9 – West Lafayette, IN – House Show
September 12 – Nashville, TN – The Basement East
September 14 – Boone, NC – TApp Room
September 21 – Chicago, IL – Bookclub
October 14 – Charleston, SC – House Show
November 10 – Appleton, WI – Appleton Beer Factory
December 22 – Indianapolis, IN – HiFi **Homecoming show – TICKETS

Lead Vocals – Connor McLaren
Acoustic and Electric Guitar – Alec McLaren
Bass and Drums – Ben Kweller
Backing Vocals – Connor McLaren and Ben Kweller
**Written by Connor McLaren, Alec McLaren, and Benjamin Kweller and published by Weed Funded Songs (ASCAP), Charity Chase Songs (ASCAP) and Twelve Sided Die (ASCAP)

barenaked ladies want another slice of life in new single “lovin’ life”

barenaked ladies want another slice of life in new single “lovin’ life”

The Barenaked Ladies are back at it with another feel-good song full of optimistic energy. “Lovin’ Life” is the Toronto rock band’s first musical release since 2021, and excitement for their comeback shines through in its accompanying rainbow-tinged music video. Band members Ed Robertson, Jim Creeggan, Kevin Hearn, and Tyler Stewart share their unhinged enthusiasm in appreciation of life’s highs and lows, reminding us to take a step back and smell the roses.

It’s hard not to smile while listening to “Lovin’ Life”. Even though it begins bleak, since “the world could end before the end of this song,” the band quickly jumps into why it is so important to not dwell on negativity and instead focus on living in the now. The chorus introduces keyboard synths and rockin’ guitar chords for a high-energy drop. Its catchy lyrics are an anthem to relishing the present moment and all the simple joys of summer. Life is not only “sweeter than a watermelon slice” but also as delicious as a gooey piece of pizza. 

The MV’s visuals jump back and forth between the band’s in-studio sessions and their onstage performance of “Lovin’ Life” during their almost-annual Last Summer on Earth tour. As 2018 inductees of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, the Barenaked Ladies have much to celebrate for across their 35-year musical journey. If you can’t get enough of this single, be sure to check out the Barenaked Ladies’ 2023 Last Summer on Earth tour.

In need of a pick-me-up? Have a listen to “Lovin’ Life” below:

jonah kagen sings a sweeping landscape in “the roads”

jonah kagen sings a sweeping landscape in “the roads”

The arrival of summer comes with the need for captivating folk-pop, and Jonah Kagen is here to deliver. In two short years, singer-songwriter Jonah Kagen has skyrocketed from TikTok fame to wider acclaim, lending his characteristic jazz-inspired guitar playing and personal storytelling to his music. His new single, “The Roads”, premieres today, and is a worthy addition to any summer road trip playlist. 

A hallmark of Kagen’s music is his personal hue of melancholy and nostalgia, which “The Roads” wholly leans into. The universally-relatable lyrics detail the pain of an ended relationship, accompanied by the push and pull of dynamic musical contrast. Solo acoustic guitar verses are juxtaposed by the sweeping chorus, expanded with strummed guitar, cello, and violin. Kagan declares that “These roads are changin’ me, but they all lead back to you”, in a memorable and timeless melody.

The expansive rural landscape in the accompanying music video perfectly matches the song’s folk aspects. With truly stunning cinematography, we have a bird’s-eye view of the landscape as well as close-ups with Jonah Kagen on guitar. The sky is cloudy and gray, while the lush greens of the forest burst into view. The contrasts, both visually and musically, emphasize the undercurrent of doubt and regret on the speaker’s part, mourning the loss of love.

Represented by Arista Records, Jonah Kagen has amassed nearly 2 million Spotify listeners and more than 140 million global streams since the release of his debut EP, ‘georgia got colder’. “The Roads” builds upon this journey, as he crafts music full of heart and earnest. Stream the song today on all platforms, and check out the music video on Youtube. 

Let Kagen confide in you with a listen below:

“i’m sorry i’m a moron, but also, help”

“i’m sorry i’m a moron, but also, help”

Baby Got Back Talk’s G’Ra’s calm tone of voice as he sings, “Stop right there and don’t you dare tell me that I’m wrong,” in his song “I’m Sorry I’m a Moron, But Also, Help,” reveals he is coping with people talking down to him in a calm and collected manner. However, his lyrics contradict his tone of voice because he is direct and strong-willed. As revealed by the phrase “don’t you dare,” he is expressing anger and a barrier he puts up before anyone can tell him that he is wrong, which will emotionally scar him.

His lyrics further indicate that he has been told that he is wrong once or many times before. Thus, he is attempting to hide his pain through his tone when confronting people who he feels could scar him emotionally but wrote his lyrics when he was feeling emotional. If you listen to his lyrics, not his tone of voice, you will feel his pain. 

G’Ra continues singing in a similar tone as he sings, “I’m a loss, an albatross, who dropped the baton.” He becomes vulnerable as he explains that he feels like a lost bird, as an albatross is a type of bird. Saying that he “dropped the baton” reveals he feels that while he is flying in his career, he has lost his ability to keep calm and in control emotionally because he is releasing all of his emotions into his lyrics. He feels he must keep a calm demeanor as he struggles to hold back revealing his true emotions. 

Hope builds up like our protagonist is metaphorically climbing a mountain, with feelings of passion and excitement, as he sings “‘Till the hallway’s bathed in moonlight, and you saunter in and it always made me think twice when I am wandering.” Singing of bathing in the moonlight is depicting him bathing in hope.

As he wanders in this moonlight, he thinks twice about his friendships and becomes the moonlight, allowing him to be a shining light above other people. As he becomes the moonlight, he encounters people from different backgrounds. “Against all the odds,” as he sings, he is able to integrate himself with people who are unlike him. He continues to persevere to learn about other types of people until all the odds are stacked against him. His inability to overcome these odds is temporary, as he “gets his knuckles bruised” from struggling through barriers to be with people who have given him emotional baggage. (As articulated in the lyrics, “Stop right there and don’t you dare tell me that I’m wrong.”)

As the song concludes, it bubbles with excitement and energy. This energy circulates into the stressed emotions of uncertainty and doubt as it uplifts and brings hope to these negative emotions. This entire song fluctuates from feelings of uneasiness and doubt to confidence and hope.

The newly released music video uses tone, color, and shape to evoke the emotions associated with the song. The visual representation is somehow spot on. View it below.

meg myers says no to manipulation in “me”

meg myers says no to manipulation in “me”

The opening punchy power chords of Meg Myers‘ new single “Me” announces not only the forthcoming album T/IA but the importance of self-love. Waking from a fretful sleep, Myers opens her eyes to a sunny day with enlightenment on transcendent love. The simple solid bright colors of Myers’s little room create a happy vibe for its inhabitant despite its limited space, and it echoes a childhood imagination reminiscent of a grade school party this Valentine’s love season. Like the kids and Myers, we all yearn for love and acceptance. “Me” shows us how we can first love ourselves and always have this inner strength.

The part of one continues as Myers gazes out the window, not in lonely longing but in a happy daydream. Unafraid, she looks into the camera to assert her “someone else” is “me.” We see her lean into her mirror to kiss her reflection, demonstrating a joyful acceptance. From forehead to looking glass forehead, we see the singer enjoy her own company. She knows the transcendence of this relationship, and she claims this level of greatness for a potential romantic one. 

Banging out those steady chords on a little blue piano, she maintains this love foundation. A mascara-covered eye opens over the lens so we can see from Myers’s perspective. We too can transcend the lies lobbed at us about dating culture so we can be rooted and ready to accept a suitable someone else. No more will Myers be a victim of manipulation. As she basks in her presence, she will carry on as strong as the “Me” beat, bright as her single room and transcendent of her self-love. Romance can take it or leave it.