The warm lighting found in a late-night destination illuminates Brian Straw’s face as the depth of his robust vocals fill the atmosphere. Emotionally charged single “Out of Doors” has been a long time coming, and today we have the pleasure of premiering its beautiful accompanying video.

Admits the artist of the song:

I carried “Out of Doors” around in my pocket for a couple years until I formed the band that ultimately helped me fully realize it. It was apparent to me after the first rehearsal that I had something special. It clicked. With the perfect combination of musicians the song just bloomed. I wanted the chorus to feel like a huge wave of intensity and for the verses to sit back and slowly unfold. I feel like we captured that by paying close attention to dynamics and flow. The words were a ton of work. I wanted the lyrics to emote the way the performance does. the words build along with the music and that was intentional. It was important to me that the music and words sit at the same table. 

It turns out that “Out of Doors” takes you on an audible adventure in just the way he had imagined. The music video simply serves to amplify the emotional journey the song takes you on. A kaleidoscope of colors ensues, as we follow Straw on what would otherwise be considered an (often) rather lonely journey, that of the creative mind. Expanding into the way the music video unfolded, Straw explains:

The story for the video developed organically while we were shooting. I intentionally didn’t want to put a storyboard together so we wouldn’t be locked into any formulaic approach. We cultivated each scene with a blank slate. The director, Ryan Girard, brilliantly diagnosed the meaning of the song when I myself was struggling with what the song meant to me. He estimated that “Out of Doors” was all about the struggle of the creative process. He was dead on and that’s effectively what the video captures. It’s an abstract window into my creative mind. 

We are thrilled to share a view into that creative mind. Get your first look at the incredibly thought-provoking video below.

The single is available to pre-save now.

Meredith Schneider