Kicking off his forthcoming album with the release of a single that is both hypnotic and beat driven is Ben Browning and his latest release, “Sunshine Baby.” Although his sophomore album is not scheduled to be released until the end of next month (June 22), Browning has released this track that has made the hype surrounding the aforementioned album grow with each individual stream. This single beings with pulsing synth beats that immediately center the listener’s attention solely on each passing note. As the music continues and the first verse of this very modern track truly starts, Brownings vocal skills are captivating and bring the listener into a bright new world that is painted by each lyrically infused beat. With the bright synth loops that create a joyful soundscape, the track becomes a pleasure to listen to and distracts from the events of the methodical and, at times, monotonous pressures of daily life.

While speaking of this new project Browning stated,

After listening to this record I hope people feel like they’ve gone on a smooth psychedelic journey through a colorful musical world. I wanted to create an album that people would want to play in their homes whilst cooking dinner or getting high and imagine what they’re hearing comes from a land created by Jim Henson – or perhaps they’re listening a lost George Harrison album recorded in the Caribbean and discovered on a VHS tape 30 years later.

Without a doubt, Browning succeeded in the enormous feat and, like all of his fans, we are excited to see what new music he has in store for us in the upcoming months. As the title suggests, all those who have the pleasure of listening to this track will feel the warmth of the lyrics and the comfort that this uplifting track has to offer. Written as a nod to Italo disco and Takahashi from Yellow Magic Orchestra, “Sunshine Baby” is everything that fans expected from such a talented and promising artist.

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Madison Blom