Perhaps one of the most charming acts we’ve ever become acquainted with, Chicago-based lo-fi indie pop duo Zigtebra – comprised of “Zebra” Emily Rose and “Tiger” Joe Zeph – has been releasing a new single every single month during the year 2017. Their latest – the video for trance-inducing single “I Can Dance” – was cut together with archival footage setting a vibrant foreground for its audio counterpart. The track feels mellow – yet danceable at the same time – and captivating for reasons still not entirely clear to us, though perhaps Emily Rose’s ethereal, calming vocals have something to do with it. Her light words almost counterbalance the harsher electronic nature of the instrumentals, creating a quirky and fun dynamic we don’t always get to see in pop music.

It’s time to get inspired to dance with “I Can Dance”.

Zigtebra’s favorite recordings will be compiled into a full-length release next year. Keep up with the band here.

Meredith Schneider