Youngblood Hawke has officially released the lyric video for their upbeat single “Robbers”, an indie pop track driven by electronic sound into a strangely haunting and beautiful sound. With an upbeat tempo, chorus of unique vocals, and fast-paced clapping, this song just does not stop.

The video tends to slow it down for us a bit.

Not that the video has a pace or a tone to set. The music does that for us. But the majority of the video consists of overlays of color – almost like splatter paint – in deep, gorgeous colors contrasted with black. There are moments in the video where (slightly terrifying, but beautiful) cartoon drawings pop up and take shape.

“Robbers” is an experience. And after all, isn’t that what Youngblood Hawke is all about? Keep up with them here.

**Reposted with permission from the author.

Meredith Schneider