Chicago/L.A.-based four-piece Young Jesus has just put out a brand new record, S/T. Young Jesus is made up of John Rossiter (guitar/vocals), Kern Haug on drums,  Marcel Borbon on bass, and Eric Shevrin on keys and vocals. Says Rossister on the sound of Young Jesus: “the ethos is to push each other to express things that are not common– like ideas of love and trust within friendships– through being extremely vulnerable and making mistakes. Hopefully those mistakes become framed as an important and necessary part of process. It’s about communication between four people. Hopefully it is the sound of four very good friends who want to let other people into that space.” Their new album is the culmination of the honing of their sound and an exploration of what it means for Young Jesus to be an indie rock band.


  1. Green – the record starts out with a marvelous track, “Green”. From the get-go, it brings the listener into the indie-rock sound that Young Jesus makes their very own.Check out the music video for “Green” here.
  2. River – you’ll feel like you’re down by the river when you put this one on. Slow, melodic, and composed of a soundscape filled with longing, “River” is a gem.
  3. Eddy – a longer song that is filled with depth of feeling, “Eddy” reminds the listener of simpler times, and the cloud of bittersweet reminiscence that surrounds every memory
  4. Under – an emotional, raw track tinged with well-placed acoustic guitar. Rossiter’s vocals hover on the edge of breaking, really bringing the listener in as the the song develops.
  5. Desert – “every little landscape breaks my heart”, sings Rossiter. This song lends itself to the feelings one associates with places that make and break a person.
  6. Feeling – while every artist generally strives to capture emotion in their music, Young Jesus actually paints them musically for the listener in this track.
  7. Storm – closing out the album is the nearly 13 minute track “Storm”. Through the length of the song, Young Jesus is able to bring the listener along for a look into their nature.

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