Take one listen at Yoshi Flower and he may sound familiar.  Yoshi, also known as Josh Smith, is a former member of the duo Gosh Pith.  Now Yoshi Flower is breaking out as an emerging solo artist, and just released his latest “Just On Drugs.”  “Just On Drugs” has a “So-Cal” vibe which is perfect considering summer is right around the corner.  Yoshi Flower, reminds me of Blackbear, however less produced which makes listening to Yoshi easy.  “Just On Drugs” combines EDM and pop while Yoshi shows off his rap and vocal skills.  “Just On Drugs” has a pretty clear title, but an abrasive meaning.  “We’re just on drugs—it’s not love,” states Yoshi Flower.  My favorite part about “Just On Drugs” is its truthfulness and “I don’t care” attitude.

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Abby Trapp