Tugging on the heart strings of fans throughout the world is Brooklyn-based artist Yoke Lore who recently released a music video for his rising single, “Fake You.” Vocally speaking, Lore has a hypnotizing range that matches the mood and atmosphere that the instrumental undertones lay out perfectly. One of the greatest aspects of this compilation, however, is how the music ticks in artistic time with each lyrical line of genius. In every aspect, the video, created by Lore and his friend Kenny in Austin, is a work of art that has layers of metaphorical meaning and depth. Unlike so many of the straight forward videos that have recently flooded the internet, there is an incredible amount of artist merit to this wonderfully choreographed video. Constantly fading between two separate realities, “Fake You,” is mind blowing song with a trippy video to match.

Since the release of the video, Lore has garnered thousands of streams – a number that will continue to grow as their music credibility with fans and critics continues to grow as more time passes. In the future, fans hope to see more of this budding musician. As the new musical venture of Adrian Galvin, previously of Yellerkin and Walk the Moon, the expectations are mounting, but no doubt that we will continue to receive quality work from Yoke Lore.

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Madison Blom