Releasing their first ever official single, “If You’re Over Me”, is up and coming British trio, Years and Years. Not only is the announcement of this new single exciting, but it has also been said that this single will set up their forthcoming album Palo Santo which is scheduled to drop July 6 of this year. With all of these new releases, there is no doubt that this new group will find their way to the top of playlists and billboards across the world.

At the core of this synth-pop outfit is Olly Alexander who has the potential to take the world stage by storm with upbeat killer vocals that are both infectious and hypnotic. His personal ambition and drive to achieve his dream will take Years and Years to the next level as they continue to produce music that is fresh, unique and completely original.

The lyrics for this track address the classic issue of trying to stay friends with an ex partner. In their own words, “This is a song about trying to stay friends with an ex. Spoiler alert – it doesn’t often work. In fact, in my experience, the relationship often ends up ruined. ‘If You’re Over Me’ is about the emotional torture that ensues – meeting up and making out, then breaking up all over again, then making out some more.” Not only is the toxicity of this genre of relationship explored throughout the song, but much like its cyclical nature, the music itself seems to parade in intricate loops that eventually finds its way back to the start. With all of this raw talent, there is no telling just how far this group will go as they take on some of the biggest stages in the world, but judging from this release, it won’t be long until they are named one of the fastest growing pop artists.

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Madison Blom