Post-punk group Wire release second single “Primed & Ready” from upcoming album Mind Hive, set to be released January 24th through the band’s own label pinkflag. 

In the band’s 40-year career, they have continued to grow and release a steady stream of music to keep their name on the map. Mind Hive will be the band’s seventh studio album, and continues to prove the influence and dominance of Wire.

The band’s music has always stretched the confines of the rock format while also showcases the genre’s essence. That again is proven with the newest track “Primed & Ready”. Lead vocalist Colin Newman notes the simplicity of the song’s structure. Stating that the song was easy to write and that the chord sequence and structure is relatively basic, with only 3 chords used throughout the whole song.

Mind Hive follows the band’s 2017 release Silver/Lead, which career sales and amazing reviews for the band. From just this first look, its seems Mind Hive easily reaches the high bar set from previous releases.

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Kendal Chandler

Kendal Chandler

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