Exploding out of the starting gate with a new single that has already been pitted to be a fan favorite is Whoa Dakota with her single, “Right Now.” Along with all of the well composed musical aspects of this single, this track also comes with a heavy lyrical message that almost makes it feel like pure, undiluted lament. Throughout its entirety, Whoa Dakota explores the toxicity of self-sabotage within a relationship and the overwhelming fear that can be born from such a damaging experience. Despite the rave over the intensity of the lyrics, there is something to still be said of the vocal and musical talent that is demonstrated throughout the track. As words are coupled with tangible emotion in the vocal work, listeners are transported to an atmosphere that is controlled completely by Whoa Dakota.

Not only does this single have the immediate staying power based off of meaning and wonderfully crafted beat and rhythm, but it has also proven to be a full blown success. Since the release of “Right Now,” it has racked up over 130k streams on Spotify alone. With this exploding popularity comes many more opportunities. In the future, fans can expect Whoa Dakota to be performing on bigger, grander stages. Based off of this track alone, it is clear that this Nashville, TN artist is ready to reach a whole new level in her music career.

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