After her tour on NBC’s Emmy-award winning show The Voice season 13, Whitney Fenimore has found herself knee deep in a career that is just beginning. Although she has had so much happen in the space in between her tv appearance and the present, the most exciting news is yet to come as she releases her first ever full EP, Battle Within on May 18. Although the EP is scheduled to drop later in the week, we have had the chance to grab a sneak peak and are excited about Fenimore’s unique ability to seamlessly mesh so many genres–from country to folk and rock to pop.

One of the greatest skills that is highlighted by this Ep is Fenimore’s vocal flexibility. Within each individual track there is such a wide array of emotions that listeners pick up on just by the way she emotes each and every note. With each breath, this young artists draws energy and atmosphere into her long, beautiful melodies. Perhaps The Boot said it best when they proclaimed, “powerful, distinct vocals [and] strong melodies.” All three points accurately sums up all of the highlights presented in this wonderfully written and produced EP. Without a doubt, this will accelerate the career track that she has so clearly set for herself.

From being one of the strongest vocal contestants on America’s favorite pass time show to becoming one of the most credible and content reliable musicians of her time, Fenimore has nowhere to go but up as she continues to develop music that is both relevant and utterly breath taking. At age 28-the amount of quality work that we have seen is astounding. As each single on this track is unique and holds a different feel, fans are inclined to continue listening, viewing several different facades of Fenimore with each passing track. Look out for the release of Battle Within, scheduled to drop May 18. Until then check out her latest teaser, “Stones” which will be included on the release.

Battle Within is out May 18th. Keep up with Whitney here.

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Madison Blom

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