The L.A. based, We’re No Gentlemen just released a new video for their latest single “Promises”.  The band was recently featured on Imperfect Fifth’s site with the release of their last music video for “Night.”  “Promises” shows the band in playing in an intimate venue, with fans running to them.  The video pans from each band member giving us an intimate look at We’re No Gentlemen.

Front woman Amanda Gabel really takes the lead as she sings to the camera and dances with fans on stage.  The video is classic and incorporates fans and audience members jamming to “Promises”.  The song itself channels early 2000’s rock with a garage feel.  “Promises we make, promises we break, it’s too much to take everything is fake,” sings We’re No Gentlemen.  My favorite is “Change me, no they cannot break me…I already broke in” as the band states that they are here to stay.

Keep up with the band here.

Abby Trapp