Los Angeles-based rock quintet We’re No Gentlemen – comprised of Amanda Gabel (vocals), Rikki Juarez (rhythm guitarist), Daniele Boneddu (bass), Vince Gudino (drums), and Dan Schiz (lead guitar) – debuted the official music video for their track “Night” just today. This song wraps you up in intricate guitars while Gabel’s vocals claim a Kelly Clarkson-meets-Amy Lee sound to them, dragging us into this rock ballad with its ferocity and beauty.

The video is no different, directed by Henry Arres and shot with a dim and intense feel to the visuals, as we follow each member of the band through times of stress and turmoil. Between visually stunning shots of each individual’s distraught facial expressions, we get a look into the band’s live performance chops as frames of them playing the song together in a dark room almost hold each story together like a thread of escape from this twisted world and the issues we face.

We’re No Gentlemen is out now. Keep up with We’re No Gentlemen here.

Meredith Schneider