Australia’s Ruby Boots, now based in Nashville, TN is about to release her label debut Don’t Talk About It February 9 with Bloodshot Records, having previously released a 2016 album, Solitude. Born Bex Chilcott, the talented artist is backed by The Texas Gentleman and produced by Beau Bedford on this album — and we’re here for it. With confident vocals and sumptuous instrumentation, Ruby Boots delivers a treat for the ears. To sum it up, the album is an experience, a journey. Navigating a country/Southern-rock inspired soundscape that is still accessible for the country-hatin’ folks, Ruby Boots oozes real emotion and authenticity, especially in tracks like “Believe in Heaven”. From the bold opener, “It’s So Cruel” to the title track, “Don’t Talk About It”,Chilcott displays both her range and variety of styles while maintaining the album’s theme. “It’s So Cruel” already has a music video to accompany the scathing track, full of neon lights and rockin’ vibes, utilizing slow motion and close-ups to pack even more of punch for this track.One of the indubitable highlights of  Don’t Talk About It is the stunning acapella track “I Am A Woman”, perfect and raw. Ruby Boots says of the song, “As tempting as it was to just write an angry tirade I wanted to respond with integrity, so I sat with my feelings and this song emerged as a celebration of women and womanhood, of our strength and our vulnerability, all we encompass and our inner beauty, countering ignorance and vulgarity with honesty and pride and without being exclusionary to any man or woman. My hope is that we come together on this long drawn out journey. The song is the backbone to the album for me.”“Infatuation” is another great track on Don’t Talk About It, full of both yearning lyrics and a catchy beat. Closing out with “Don’t Give A Damn”, which combines all the soulful elements of a country blues song with a tinge of almost jazzy piano. Don’t Talk About It is a strong album for a variety of reasons, but it is clear that Ruby Boots knows what she’s doing. Whether you’re looking for some rockin’ folk or some folksy rock, Ruby Boots has got you covered.

We can’t wait for Ruby Boots to drop this masterpiece of an album tomorrow!

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Veronica DeFeo