24-year-old singer/songwriter WAYI is thriving in music with her debut single “The Way I Am”. The song is a song with a refreshing taste of honesty and a theme of love. WAYI draws from her own experiences in “The Way I Am” stating that “I almost lost myself to a man who liked me but not enough to accept me with all my flaws. Unconsciously, I started changing just to please him. Now that I’ve learned from it, I just say ‘fuck it’. You take the good and the bad or you leave it all!”.

The songstress performs “The Way I Am” with Spanish guitars in the background and a hint of R&B. The song is a song that inspires women not to lose their self-worth in the midst of love. “The Way I Am” comes from a position of love and not power. In 2018, WAYI is the name to remember.

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Jai'Tyria Hatton