Oakland based Wax Idols, are happy to release their fourth and latest album on May 16th, Happy Ending.  Members if the band include Hether Fortune (vocals, guitar, bass, organ) with Peter Lightning (guitar, bass, organ, piano), Rachel Travers (drums), and Marisa Prietto (bass, backing vocals).  Greer McGettrick has recently joined as a bassist.  The post-punk band is versatile with Happy Ending, which explores a variety of topics such as philosophy, politics, and relationships.

Streaming on NPR, their song “Scream” is a punk hit. “Scream” touches in the internal conflict we all struggle with. “So I’ll scream…the only love I’ll have,” the band proclaims with its struggle to find love. “Crashing,” an anthem to the struggles life “This life and I never got along…so now I’m crashing hard,” the track testifies. The song keeps a slow and steady beat before rocking out at the chorus “Now I’m crashing hard.” “Mausoleum” remains a unique track. Wax Idols display their punk roots here with whiny female vocals, sounds of a tambourine, and a classic rock sound. “Mausoleum” is a great display is the versatility that Wax Idols brings to the scene.

Wax Idols Tour Dates

6.1 | Red Museum | Sacramento, CA
6.2 | The Holland Project | Reno, NV
6.4 | Neurolux | Boise, ID
6.6 | The Astoria | Vancouver, B.C.
6.7 | Barboza | Seattle, WA
6.8 | Cryptatropa | Olympia, WA
6.9 | Tonic Lounge | Portland, OR
6.15 | Eli’s Mile High Club | Oakland, CA
6.16 | The Hi-Hat | Los Angeles, CA

Keep up with the band here and look for their album Happy Ending streaming worldwide now.
Abby Trapp