Former indie rocker, Neal Wright, highlights the Chinese board game, “Go”, in his most recent work. Being an avid player for most of his life, Wright honors the abstract strategy game under his project name, Wave Collector. The artist’s new single, The Masterpiece, tells the story of and pays homage to Dosaku’s masterpiece.

Upon meeting The Masterpiece, one is not greeted in a gradual manner. On the contrary, I suggest you prepare for an abrupt “hello”: a “hello” filled with immense variety, and one that will occupy your full attention. 

Within the first 15 seconds, the audience is engulfed by electronic instrumentation, ethnic pulsations, ambient noises and vocal recordings. If this sounds like a lot, your assumptions are correct. This track will, quite literally, take hold of you and lead you through an experiential journey based on novel sounds; and it will not wait for you to give the go-ahead. As a listener, allow yourself to take a step back and let Wright take control. 

As a rising voice in Portland, Oregon’s electronic music scene, Wave Collector is uncategorizable and is anything but ordinary. Forget about that 3:00 pm caffeine crash– in four minutes, Wright will have you feeling re-energized and ready to take on masterpieces of your own.

Sabrina Thurber