“Soothe The Soul” is the latest single by alternative-rock Ward.  “Soothe The Soul” is the artist’s second single, following the lovely “Crush.”  “Soothe The Soul” is personal for Ward as he shares his journey and goals as an artist on the track.  “Soothe The Soul,” is in fact soothing and expresses the hope and search for personal freedom  “I felt loose…like I felt then,” ponders Ward.  For me the most powerful lyrics are “I’ve been living my life as some other guy, I’ve been living my days as somebody’s son…whose soul knows better.”  “Soothe The Soul” came into the works when Ward realized he didn’t like the life he was living.  As a tech executive in New York, Ward quit his job and moved to Los Angeles to pursue the life he wanted- the life of an artist and musician.

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Abby Trapp