Vivian Leva – who uses her country roots to bring life to her music – is set to release her new album Time is Everything on March 2nd, a ten track collection. In latest single “Bottom of The Glass”, Leva talks about a lover that has left and done her wrong. The characters in the song were engaged, and Vivian sings about the wedding ring being at the bottom of a glass she was drinking from.

“Sturdy as the Land” slows the pace of the album quite a bit. The song is about losing something that you originally thought would last forever. The song reflects on the love that was once there but is now lost. “Sturdy as the Land” shows that time and love are not sturdy.

Time is Everything is an album full of love, lost love and heartbreak. Each song on the album is universally relatable and pulls at the listener’s heartstrings. Make sure to nab it quick, and keep up with Vivian Leva here!

Jai'Tyria Hatton