Australian native Vilde just released latest track “Flash In The Pan”, which is the first track on the singer’s new album Thud, set to release July 13th. With a Glass Animals vibe, “Flash In The Pan” is hauntingly psychedelic. The track is infused with tribal beat and synth electronic sounds. The jungle-electronic sound is backed by soft vocals which brings the song home.  Vilde is equally excited about the album saying:

Thud was a new experience for me. I realised that I felt like the last time I really knuckled down and dug into something was making the Kins album in 2012. I’d lost touch with the concept of work ethic in music. Everything since had been whimsical, I believed inspiration was reliable. My productivity waned. I felt an urge to prove to myself that I could actually commit to something and follow it through. 

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Abby Trapp