New York-based indie pop trio VHS Collection – expertly comprised of long-time friends James Bohannon, Conor Cook, and Nils Vanderlip – released their new 12-track stunner, Retrofuturism, on Friday. With vocals reminiscent of The Kooks, first track “One” explodes into an interesting cacophony of sound effects and percussion that will get your head spinning, yet better prepared for what’s to come. “I Can’t Stand It” deconstructs the album a bit, keeping a good dance pace loaded with a little more attitude, while “Take My Money” makes you feel like you should be donning clothing of yesteryear, putting on your favorite pair of shades in slow motion.

“Sign” modernizes the sound even more, though keeping it glittering and 80s-inspired, magnetic in its disposition. “Blame It On A Dream” bounces into a layered version of what you might hear in a hip hotel lobby, “American Cynic” bounces back into intense, late 80s MTV vibes, though “The Otherside” slows it all down for us, the instrumentals harnessing energy from late 90s love songs as we head into the intense, hard-hitting sounds of “Animal”. While ninth track “What Does It Mean” takes on an “80s slow dance at prom” vibe, tenth track “Break” is a track music supervisors should keep their ears on for any upcoming coming-of-age projects, if we’re being completely honest.

“Feel It Boy” is energetic, fun, and something we can get on board with lyrically and sonically. “Fade Out” takes on a more contemporary pop sound that slightly overshadows the 80s vibes, with quirky percussion and beautiful, entrancing lyrics. It rounds the album out quite nicely, and gets us in the mood for a dance party like no other.

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Meredith Schneider

Meredith Schneider

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