Brand new on the scene, EDM/electronica artist Very Yes has just dropped his debut single, “Collide” via Magic Magic Records. Creating a tantalizing soundscape throughout the track, “Collide” combines a multitude of heavy and gentle beats along with scattered ethereal vocals. Not much is known about the elusive new artist, but it is evident that Very Yes puts a lot of thought into his music, as well as having experience. Somewhat ODESZA-esque, the inter-genre track, “Collide” is the perfect title for the single. The track brings together a blend of the old and the new, providing the perfect song to vibe to. Not too chill, not too rave-like, “Collide” is the epitome of a happy medium song. We’re looking forward to hearing more from Very Yes (and possibly learning more about the mysterious artist).

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Veronica DeFeo