After working on the music careers of some of the most well known up and coming artists of our generation, Vera has come out with yet another one of his singles and he is taking the stage by storm! Most recently, Vera has released his newest single, “Diamonds,” which has been describes as a self-discovery and revealing song. According to the press release, “The song is a about being pushed away by people that you really trust and love. About trying to demean them in your own head to make things easier, but still knowing deep inside how much you care.” Not only has it been proven that Vera has a place in the music community, but he has also made a name for himself as an individual artist.”

Under the moniker Vera, Copenhagen’s William Asingh has a long line of production history with some of his peers such as Off Bloom, Liss and MØ. Of course this same talent that he was been working on shines through in his own music as well. It has been said that there is a depth to his music that is unique to his artistry and fans can’t seem to get enough of it. Another notable talent highlighted by this single is his ability to create an atmosphere for his listeners that renders him utterly unforgettable. Surely there is a bright future for European artist Vera not only in production, but on the stage as well.

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Madison Blom