Coming off of one of their most successful tracks to date with their latest LP, Parallel Person is Chicago based, garage-pop band, Varsity. Not only is this group composed of some of the most complex, yet beautiful soundscapes in the industry today, but fans are picking up on their unique talents and can’t seem to get enough of their psychedelic rhythms and beats. Before the release of Parallel Person, their last single, “So Sad, So Sad,” racked up a killer 14 million views and is continuing to grow in popularity as word of them spreads throughout the country at a rapid pace. However, more than just garage-pop fans are catching on to their success. Their past work has also awarded them praise from acclaimed critics and was named one of the, “Best Songs of 2016” by TIME. Looking forward to the release of Parallel Person,  there are high expectations, but this rising band is sure to deliver.

Along with the bubbly, jangly feel of their music, Varsity brings a lighthearted feel into each of the tracks on their newest LP. Lately, it has been difficult to find a collection of songs that brings such an overall feeling of carefree release that is as infectious and catchy as Varsity’s latest release. One of the aspects of this release that really makes all the difference is the stellar twangy guitar skills that are overlaid with dreamy vocals. As listeners take in the meaning of each song, they will be transported back to the days of the easy 80’s and be enveloped in the artistic anthems that Varsity has put together. No doubt, fans and critics a like will soon be raving over this next release with great enthusiasm.

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Madison Blom