Nashville-based musician Collin Gundry, whom you may know as Tuxedo Wildlife, releases his new EP Myself Together this week, and we have the exclusive streaming premiere of this masterpiece in its entirety. Many of the songs on this EP are emotional, heartfelt songs while many of the songs also have a slower beat yet calming feel to them. Tracks “Isotopes” and “Myself Together” are a little faster compared to the rest, and the vocals are a bit reminiscent of Imagine Dragons. But his luscious, deep vocals create a unique kaleidoscope of a landscape that is established at the beginning of the EP, and doesn’t drop off until the very last lines of the sixth track.

Myself Together embodies his journey through uncertain love and emotions which I’m sure many people can relate to throughout life, which is just another one of the reasons why Tuxedo Wildlife is a perfect new artist to listen to. Not only can you check out his new music below, but you can also check out his new video for “Depths” on YouTube.

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**co-written by meredith schneider

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