Brooklyn based TOMI has been busy prepping for the release of her EP What Kind of Love, out today.  The EP features the title track “What Kind of Love,” and “Every Morning I Feel Like Running Away Here.”  On “What Kind of Love,” TOMI  speaks on the kind of love that you crave and need. “What kind of love takes its under its wings, what kind of love ties you up in its arms and won’t do you any harm- what kind of love?” ponders TOMI.  The song has an 80’s dance feel to it, and the music video is visually aesthetic.  “What Kind of Love,” really shows TOMI off as an artist in terms of her voice, style, and creativity.  “Every Morning I Feel Like Running Away” tells another story.  Looking for an escape and breaking out of the comfort zone, TOMI sings “Even out in the open I want to sail away.”

TOMI shares her personal inspiration for What Kind of Love, explaining:

We all experience different versions of love, even in just one person. There is kind love, destructive love, boring love, obsessive love, drunk love, the list is endless. I spent this past Thanksgiving in Las Vegas, and it was a beautiful trip aside from a panic attack: ‘Every now and then I feel you coming up behind me.’ A lot had changed for me in a short period of time. I had been in a relationship for three years with someone who couldn’t quite figure out how to love me. It made me wonder if something was wrong with me. When we broke up, I felt a weight lift, and then as I fell in love with my current partner, I felt the weight pour back over me, even stronger this time.

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Abby Trapp