New and young the music world is fresh young band Tiny Fighter who have been together for less than a year. Despite their new appearance on the music scene, they have pulled out all the stops to start on an accelerated path to reach their dreams. Australian/Swedish group Tiny Fighter have been working on building a thriving reputation on the stage as a group full of fire and potential. Together, the group has put together a repertoire of catchy indie-pop tracks with a bittersweet edge—a style that is exploding in this genre. Along with their powerful lyricism and vocal skills, they have teamed up to create a music video for their newest release, “New Century” which embodies their sound in a beautiful and edgy way.

Although not always seen at face value, Tiny Fighter have pushed boundaries of technical capabilities in order to produce a visual spectacle that captures and demands the attention of viewers from around the world. Focusing on the urban beauty of some of their favorite landscapes, this budding duo is out to take the world by storm. In the near future, they are planning on going on their first tour through Europe and Australia and are even considering an exciting tour in the US to push their boundaries even further. Though fresh in the industry, there is nothing holding Tiny Fighter back from real success.

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Madison Blom