Russian musical group Tiavara entices heavy metal fans with their latest single “Celestial Dance” from the upcoming album, Delusional Tales of Grand Intentions. Guitar solos, haunting vocals, and uplifting lyrics give this song an old school metal feel while keeping it fresh and relevant. Hints of Middle Eastern guitar add an extra layer to this metal anthem while hard-hitting drums drive the song’s tempo making it mosh-worthy track.
Tiavara describes “Celestial Dance” as an objection to seeing the world in absolutes while accepting oneself despite flaws and virtues. Their evocative insight is a signature of theirs which is apparent in the band’s past discography. The band aims to encourage and promote open-mindedness through their music. This is apparent through the song’s lyrics “you are free, don’t let them clip your wings” which repeat frequently throughout the song instilling the idea of free thinking into the minds of listeners.
This song is sure to draw metal fans in with its gritty, expressive nature while its powerful lyrics make this song appealing to a variety of music enthusiasts.

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Katie Pugh