“Off My Back” is artist’s Thoreau’s latest promising track. To me, the track feels very uplifting and empowering. “Off My Back” is a pop track with hints of an electronic sound. Thoreau is joined by Chloe Tang on vocals. The song starts with lyrics, “I want to meet your family, I want to make you happy- the way you hit me up you only want to feel my body.” This tells the tale of a toxic relationship that is not worth pursuing anymore with the lyric “shut the f**k up, I know that I’ve got some problems, but you are the one who messed up- I can’t wait to get you off my back.” This song is an easy listen as it is relatable in the “I only want you when I know I messed up” theme. With its infectious beat and relatable message, Thoreau’s “Off My Back” makes for a summer hit.

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