When you hear the name Thoreau, you might be thinking of Henry David’s daguerreotype. Well, here to take a completely fresh spin on the name is Denver based Thoreau (irl Harry Myers) just dropped his single, “Like We Used To”, featuring Jeris. Thoreau has seen love from Trap Nation, and was even reposted by The Chainsmokers. An electronic beat paired with emotion-infused vocals makes for a solid song from Thoreau. Thoreau will also be releasing his debut EP later in 2018, which is looking to be quite well received. Teeming with of-the-moment vibes, “Like We Used To” fits right into the modern music scene. With lines like “What if I was being honest/For the first time in a long time”, “Like We Used To” hits the heart and ears in all the right ways. It encapsulates the desire for things to be as they once were in a relationship. One of the most interesting aspects of this song is that even though the subject matter is rather deep, it’s still danceable, and is infused with electronica. We’re looking forward to hearing more from Thoreau throughout 2018 — keep your ears and eyes open for more!

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Veronica DeFeo