Lead singer and songwriter of The Winter Sounds, Patrick Keenan has brought new and electrifying tracks to the music scene unlike anything that listeners and fans have ever experienced. Not only are his productions unique and completely particular to his style, but they also induce an atmosphere full of perceptual magic tricks and danceable synth draped seconds. “Earth After a Thunderstorm” captures more than just beats and rhythms strung together. It is a work of art that has been pieced together with creative lyricism, laced with some of the best budding talent in the industry. With nuances of dream pop, classic rock, folk and synth pop, this band has created a spectacular array of visual and vocal spectacles that bring critics and fans alike on a journey.

Along with musical talent that is virtually unmatched by many others, this group is able to demonstrate extreme versatility in translating their music to visually appealing videos. Most recently, they have come out with a video for their newest release, “Earth After a Storm,” which brings the viewer on a curious journey between man and mannequin. While some would call it romantic others are mystified by the oddity that their video presents. Not only do the intentional angled shots, lighting and effects give the viewer and intimate experience with this unlikely couple, but it also shows off more of Keenan’s quirky genius. As a stunning follow up track to their successful single, “Heartbeats,” The Winter Sounds have escalated their sound and revitalized their music for the enjoyment of fans worldwide.

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Madison Blom