Texas-based five-piece The Unlikely Candidates have just released their brand new music video for their single “Oh My Dear Lord”. The Unlikely Candidates – comprised of Kyle Morris’ vocals, Brent Carney on lead guitar with fellow guitarist Cole Male, Jared Hornbeek’s bass and Kevin Goddard on drums – are making waves as rockstars.The group says of the track: “Oh My Dear Lord thematically and sonically goes from sweeping wistful verses to explosive redemptive choruses. We wanted something that reflected that dramatically in a video. Water has that dynamic tension. It can be soft and ethereal or crushing and chaotic. This video capitalized off that contrast and made for a perfect pairing visually for ‘Oh My Dear Lord.”

Fans of Night Riots, Fall Out Boy, or Panic! At The Disco will likely enjoy this quintet’s work. The partially abstract video combines the classic performative cuts of a rock band with an indie edge and carefully crafted angles. The track, like all good rock songs, is one that gets you pumped and full of emotion. You’re going to want to watch the video for “Oh My Dear Lord” right away.

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Veronica DeFeo