Los Angeles based two-piece The Palms, composed of Johnny Zambetti and Ben Rothbard, are making big strides in the alt-pop world, now more than ever with the release of their 14-track album, Mulholland Dr. After feeling somewhat creatively restricted in their previous band, The Palms was formed as a way for Zambetti and Rothbard to forge their own path and create authentic music. Exploding onto the Californian music scene, The Palms look to expand their horizons and reach many other places. With tracks that can uplift, amp up, and chill out, The Palms tick all the boxes that an alt-pop band seeks to fulfill. Get ready to groove when you put on a record from The Palms.

The Palms answered a few of our questions, and we discovered that pretty much everyone hates the Snapchat update.

As an L.A. based band, did the band’s name inspiration come from the locale, or elsewhere?

100% from the locale. I was living in Venice at the time as Johnny and I were starting our new project and desperately trying to come up with a name. During one of our early Studio sessions, most likely as we were writing Push Off, I took a bike ride to grab some stuff from the local market and passed Palms Blvd. It hit me like a lightning bolt and i texted Johnny. He agreed immediately and that was that.

What is the biggest inspiration for your music?

Our music has to feel fresh and classic at the same time.. We’re influenced by The Beatles and Beach Boys as much as we are OutKast or Kanye West.

If your band was a color, what would it be?


Describe each other in a word.

Ben to JZ – Talent

JZ to Ben – Vocal

Favorite live show played to date?

Playing The Troubadour is always a trip being that we’re both born and raised in LA and the history of that place is intertwined in the identity of the LA music scene. Hometown shows are always special too.

Snapchat or Instagram?

Instagram 100%. Snapchat update might’ve been in the fork in that one.

Dream collaboration?

Kanye West or Kevin Parker. That should give you an idea of what we’re going for with this project.


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