With over 5.5 million streams on Spotify under their belt, The Palms have release another song that has been pitted to be as, if not more, successful than the last. Their most recent release, “Love” is a single that is full of the same talent and flare that they brought in their previous releases with even more for fans to adore. Released on March 30, The Palmshave re-imagined, “Love,” by Lana Del Ray.

Within their music, fans can expect to find hints and nuances from that cover several different genres including pop, hip-hop, folk and more. As they set out to recreate and redefine the music industry, they decided that labels could not bind them to a specific type of sound or style. Together, Johnny Zamvetti and Ben Rothbard have explored the depths of several different areas of music which has resulted in the creation of a very specific, defined and unique sound that they have since coined as their own. Determined, they have worked to secure their place in the music industry and reassure fans that their presence would undoubtably become permanent. Their authentic and DIY feel has propelled them into a realm of quick independent success that has become rare in recent years.

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Madison Blom