Norway-bred duo The Other End – comprised of Ida Knoph-Solholm and Alexander Breidvik – is taking their musical prowess and vast talents from prior successful projects and throwing everything they have into their new project, which is due to release an EP in March. But until then, we’ve got one of your first listens to their brand new single “Far from Home”. The song exists at a slower tempo, focusing little on the instrumentals and allowing the beautiful, robust vocals and intense lyrics to take center stage. Fitting, since the song is actually about a real life struggle through almost losing a loved one when you’re not quite ready for it and have no way of reversing it. It’s a feeling of hopelessness, but the song itself is much more uplifting than that feeling.

Give it a spin, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Their EP is expected out in mid-March. Keep up with The Other End here.

Meredith Schneider