New Jersey-based pop/rock collective The Ones You Forgot – comprised of Jenna Bruno (Vocals), Matthew Thompson (Guitar), Ferdinand Benauro (Guitar), Justin Rodman (Drums), and Lance Nelson (Bass) – has a beautiful new video for their track “Luna”, and we’ve got the exclusive premiere. Against a simple backdrop, allow Bruno’s 90’s-inspired vocals (think Liz Phair) to to croon this acoustic love song to you, with smokey contrast and artful dance. In addition to the video premiere, the band was wonderful enough to provide some date night ideas. As we approach the month of love – and every day – with bigger hearts, let’s see if we can’t integrate a few of these ideas!

Jenna: I would love to go on a Zip line and ropes course date! Anything outdoors-y is fun (maybe not for a first date though). I’d also love to just get some dinner, see a movie and take a drive to the beach at night – a classic date!

Lance: My first idea for a fun date would be going out to some trails and hunting for geocaches together. Another idea would be ice skating and catching a hockey game!

Justin: My first ideal date idea is beer, hatchet throwing, philly cheese steaks, and insomnia cookie! A great combo. Another fun date would be going on a hike to a waterfall.

Ferd: My first ideal date idea is going record shopping and going to the arcade!
My second date idea would be going
to the beach, hiking and top golf (all in one day)!

Matt: A fun date idea for me would be going record store hunting.
I would also love to go to the arcade and have a nice dinner. I’m thinking Ferd and I should just date already.

Keep up with The Ones You Forgot here. Too Afraid to Say is available now.

Meredith Schneider