Allow us to shed a little light on the subject: today, The Lampshades are dropping their brand new single, “Astrology II”, which appears on their upcoming LP, Astrology. The Pittsburgh-based trio is made up of lead vocalist Jaren Love (who also plays guitar), drums by Daren Adelman, and Chris Kibler on bass. The inter-genre group puts out absolutely authentic and unique music, and “Astrology II” is no exception, as well as the rest of their forthcoming record.

“Astrology II” is unlike any song you’ve heard before; it is beautifully chaotic. With an almost eerie, otherworldly melody, this track fits it’s space-themed title perfectly. About 3:30 in, the song takes the listener for a spin with a surprising fiddling solo, but it works. It’s the kind of song you have to listen to more than once to fully appreciate. “Astrology II” is truly a unique sonic experience.

The Lampshade’s fifth full-length record, Astrology, will be released on March 23, but until then, be one of the firsts to give “Astrology II” a listen today!

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Veronica DeFeo